From Lagos with Love…

A lot has happened since my last post in October 2008. I’ve been working at SonyEricsson Mobile Communications AB in Lund (world famous cell phone manufacturer) and, shortly, at Flygprestanda AB (Swedish Flight Performance company). Both companies were fun and interesting to work with and I hope to be able to continue with IT somehow, but working as a pilot is something that I’m really longing for and feel that I have to persue at this time.

With the work situation being what it is in Europe (i.e. non-existent)  – especially for pilots – I decided to give Nigeria a chance.

So, I’m in Lagos, Nigeria as of April 1st. I’m currently staying with my dad and his wife in a part of Lagos named Apapa. Apapa has the major port of Lagos which is owned by Danish company Maersk.

Anyway, we don’t have any electricity (more about electricity and NEPA in a coming post) and my laptop is running out of battery so I have to round things off.

My intention is to blogg regularly about this adventure and I want to use more photographs here than I have done before (a new Flickr account has been set up to act as new photo gallery). I already have a lot of material – trust me!

However, I haven’t decided whether I am to blogg in English or Swedish, but it leans towards Swedish. Not sure if there are anyone reading and if so what language they prefer. Please drop a comment and let me know.

6 thoughts on “From Lagos with Love…”

  1. Hej jimisola
    fin blogg måste man säga och det hjälper med information….
    jag läser också till pilot,jag har PPL JAR och från sydafrika och ATPL också från båda länder och nu fortsätter jag commerciellt,men jag vet inte om jag vill köpa ME från sydafrika SACAA eller från sverige när jag kommer tillbaka för att konvertera… jag har CPL/IR/ME från sydafrika,kan jag flyga ME i sverige?
    och vad behöver man för license i nigeria? är det också CAA? hur flyger du där? har du ett jar license eller CAA från nigeria? för att efter utbidningen jag tänker försöka söka jobb i nigeria…

  2. James, thank you for your comment. I’ll take that into consideration and perhaps revise my decision to blog in Swedish and not English.
    I was under the impression that they are existing English blogs on Nigeria and therefore wanted to focus on getting some Swedish attention.

  3. Yea we will like to read about your experience and opinion about Lagos Nigeria in English we of the English speakers are been deprived of the notes been posted in Swedish

  4. hej, jag har följt din blogg sedan du började på tfhs, det är starkt jobbat av dig och jättekul att du börjar blogga igen. fly safe /Alan

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