Even though I started with track at a late age (17 years old) in 1994 it has been a big part of my life ever since and still is in a way. It made me the person I am today – for good and bad. I’m still trying to adapt to ordinary life where everything doesn’t have to be 100% and isn’t measured in hundreds, or even thousands of a second 😉

Track was a chance for me to figure out for myself what I’m made of when it comes to performance, dedication, persistence, fighting spirit etc.

Track has given me some great moments (and sadly some sad ones). I’ve had the luxury of making friends from so many places, friends which I’d never known otherwise and visiting many places – some which I’d probably never visit if it hadn’t been for track.

In the menu you’ll find a couple of pages dedicated to my track career:

  • Resume: with career highlights
  • Statistics: by year, top 5 indoor and outdoor etc
  • Results: from 1994 to present
  • Training Results: various results from my training